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How to earn bpoints -

  • VOTE - 2 links on the right in BP.  Vote at each to earn a total of 2000 bpoints per day, every day.  WEEKLY BONUS - If you vote 6 days of the week you will get at 10,000 bps bonus at end of the week. If you vote 7 days of the week you will get a bonus of 20,000 bps.    That means if you vote every day.. you get a total of 34,000 bps for voting for the week.!!!!
  • INTEREST - Open a bank account and collect your interest every day
  • GAMES - Play games, especially those that give you points for free like Magic Genie, Guess, Scramble and Heads or Tails.  Gina's Quest is good for earning bpoints since it usually gives better return than item it asks for. If you guess the exact # in Guess you win 10k.  If you catch the Genie in Magic Genie you win 10k.  Also be sure to go fishing each day in Winter Park in New  Blista. Costs 3000 points to fish.  Safe Hacker is an hourly game. Costs 50bp to play.  Gambling area is now opened to play.   Watch your points there.  It's easy to lose a lot more than you planned but you can win too.
  • Monkey Market in Games... check his price every day.  Bananas are random events you get free plus sold in food shop.  Sell to monkey when he's paying over 400.
  • SELL items in your shop - buy items people need for quests and their galleries and sell at a profit.  Also sell items you win in playing the games.
  • GET A JOB for your pet.  Go to "Explore" and "Downtown" and "Job Agency" and get your active pet a job.  Remember to go back every day to collect your pay.   Your pet must have intelligence of 20 to get a job so read cheap books to it till you get it there.  More than one of your pets may have a job. 
  • Stock Market... Can make or lose a lot.  Buy low.  Sell high.
  • Feed A Staff Member.. In games.  Asks for cheap food and rewards you with 1000 bps per staff member fed.  4 per day.
  • Darts Game ..Located on Volcano Island at bottom.

*Be careful when playing games that you don't give the game items costing more than it usually gives back.  In Gina's Quest you might limit it to 1k in the beginning till you have more cash flow.  Icy Quest can get expensive and rarely gives the more expensive items but it does give stats at times as well as items which can be good.  Just be sure to build up your bpoints before you risk too much in quests.

Games not in "Games" Area -

Isle of Yakuhtat - Has Dart Game and Multi Level Quest there that you can play daily and earn bpoints.

Isle of Tonrar - Has Old Wise Man, SnowMomma's Pantry (weekly competition), White Wolf Quest, Special Events game and Cave Of Tributes (free items).

.Trophies - How to win trophies

  • Trivia Trophy - Answer at least 5 site trivias
  • Magic Genie - Catch the genie and win the trophy
  • Icy Quest - Win it for playing several games of Icy Quest
  • Jelly Bean - Win a game of the jellybean jar and get the trophy and the prize for the day
  • Book Reader - Be one of the top 3 in Book Reader contest each week and win the trophy plus the prize. Contest ends at NOON on Saturdays.
  • Gold Star - Contribute to the site and win the trophy plus some special prizes ... see details on the site
  • Stuffy Collection - See games for the info on the stuffy collections.  Trophy at 50 stuffies.  Also bps prizes.
  • Millionaires Trophy - Have over 1 million "on hand" to get trophy.  Don't have to keep it there
  • SnowMomma Trophy -3 winners each week get trophy.
  • John's Lady - Special Award given by John to his ladies.
  • Mountain Climber - Given after 300 quests completed.


VIEW your profile by clicking on your username and it will take you to your profile.

SETUP your profile by clicking on "CENTRAL" on the right hand side of the page under your username, and then click on "PROFILE".  The code is listed there to use for special effects. 

SPECIAL ITEMS not sold in shops -

Magical School Bus - Offered at times as a prize in the weekly book reader contest that ends every Saturday at 12:00 PM.

Birthday Cake and Birthday Card - Not sold in any main shop at this time.  Card has been seen as one of the items in Unknown Auctions and as a prize in Icy Quest on rare occasions.

Valentines Day Card - Not stocked in shops.  It was a trivia prize for Valentines Day but might be able to be won in Icy Quests at times. 

Dragon Rod and Lycos Rod - Only available by winning them in fishing game in Winter Park in New Blista or prizes in icy quest or unknown auctions.  Sold as premium item for gold members.

Frozen safe - Only available as prize in Safe Hacker game that you can play hourly at a cost of 50bp per try. 


Referral Prizes and GOLD member premium items - Never sold in shops or able to obtain in quests.  Good gallery items or sell to those needing them for galleries. Items can also be "used" but watch that you get best value for yourself for them.

Evil Dinero Coin
Evil Stuffy
Evil Flower  ... These items are not available in the shops.  They are quest prizes.

Revenge Of The Evil Ducky.. only as prize for Test Of Knowledge.

MathBusters byJohn .. only as prize for Test Of Knowledge

Ancient Treasure Keys .. in 7 colors plus rainbow.. was only available in the Mystery Of The Keys game in June 2009

Avatars - Buy them with "forum points".

You earn forum points by posting in the forums.  The longer postings earn you more points.  You can "buy" avatars to use on the site by earning the amount of forum points listed for that avatar and once you have bought it then you can keep it and switch between them.

VIEW the avatars for sale by clicking on "CENTRAL" on the right hand side of the page under your username and points .. and then click on AVATARS to choose your favorite.

Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum.  We're a friendly group and like to know our fellow players.  It's like a little family in here so join in and let us get to know you.  Check and see what others are posting in the forums.  Play Member Games in the forums to get to know people better and what they are up to.

TRIBES -  That's the name for clubs in BlizzardPets.  Start your own or join a current one and have fun.

USER SHOPS -  Open your own shop to help earn more bpoints.  Buy items in the main shops or win them as prizes in quests and sell them to other members who are buying to complete quests or entering the book reader contest.  Members are free to sell their referral prizes or their GOLD member token items if they wish in their shops or in trades or auctions.

Shops restock randomly but at least every 30 minutes.  Maximum price you can charge for items in your shop that someone can buy is 349,999.   The shop allows you to price things higher but no one can buy them.

TOKENS AND TOKEN SHOP - Tokens are purchased with real money when you donate to the site.  Each month there will be special items you receive if you donate enough for gold membership plus there will be new items each month that you may just purchase tokens to purchase. These GOLD or special items will NOT be available in any other way.   You cannot win them in games or get them in normal shops.  Of course members are always free to sell the items they purchased with tokens to other members in their user shops.



Stock Market -  (see the link on the sidebar to it "stocks")

LIMIT... 1000 stocks per day

Tip:  Track the stock market over a period of days to find what the high and low for each stock is before getting too heavily invested in a stock.   You can make or lose a lot in the stock market so watch the changes over time. 


Evil Stuffed Fox Quest -

Beware of that old devil fox and don't attempt to try it if you are new or don't have about every item in your icebox or sufficient funds to try it out.  The quest is timed.. 10 minute time limit.  You CANNOT post in the shoutbox asking for items.  You can bmail members asking to purchase an item if they have it and you don't find it on the shop search.  This quest can get to be very expensive.  There is a thread in the All Talk Forum in BP where members have posted what they are getting for the returns and what they are being asked for.   This quest has great prizes in the end but be sure you have good supply of points and items to try it.  It is a TIMED quest so you have limited time to get the item.

 Test Of Knowledge - Retry every 5 hours till you get it right

5 Questions.  Do NOT accept the points along the way.  If you miss one then you can try again after 5 hours.   Keep trying till you get it right.    Prizes will usually be unique items that you can only get in the Test Of Knowledge games.   Located on the Isle of Tonrar.


 Neckina's Revenge Guide (by Valdez)

(please direct questions to Valdez on BPets - thank you)

"Press space to begin"

Welcome to Neckina's Revenge - this is your standard snake game, with a few twists. It's pretty straightforward but takes quick fingers to master. I don't recommend playing this for a highscore on an old PC! If you're just looking to make BP you get 4x your score rewarded up to 5 (10 for members) times a day and up to a limit of 2,000BP per play (500 points).

"Just a head""Don't get coiled up!"

You start off as a head! That's it! The pink/orange dot moving upwards is you, and of course your aim is to collect the black dots and avoid bumping into your own body. Nagivate using up, down, left and right keys. To pause for a break press P at any time and P to resume.

"Just one""Ooh, more dots!"

Each dot is worth 10 points, and every 300 points you'll have another dot thrown into the game (so every 30 dots). By the time you reach 3000 You'll have 11 dots to chase (but a big tail to get in the way).

"Quick fingers""Fold, then fold again"

One of the most important aspects of Neckina's Revenge is a fold (or "u-turn"). This involves VERY quickly tapping 2 directions. I find the best method to be bringing 2 fingers down at the same time but hitting one key a fraction of a second earlier. Practise this even when you're short because it's vital later on when you get longer. Try short folding and long folding, and also try to get the ends of the snake lined up nicely as a practise if you want to get more than 5000 points.

"Don't risk it""Slowly does it"

A big factor in losing is bumping into the side rather than into yourself. If there is a dot on the edge, don't approach it dead on, try lining up with the edge and take it on sideways rather than headlong. That way you'll get more folding practise. Note the directions are different as you're not always turning back on yourself as in the left hand picture. A fold where you don't go back on yourself (or a "shimmy") can be used to line yourself up with any dot on the screen.

The best thing to do is to practise lots and be patient. My advice would be to circle (or square, as it were!) around the edge at the start, and  then start folding around 300 points. One fold to start (and it can be more spread out at the start). Then you'll have to fold more and tighter. Remember to leave gaps at the edge of the screen to come back to the bottom/top/left/right where you started folding.


Some highscore examples:


(please direct questions to Valdez on BPets - thank you)