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Can my spouse/sibling also have an account if they use the same computer I do?

Yes.  We only allow one account per person but if family members play on the same computer or using the same ip address then just notify Char that you are family members playing together AND add a note to each of your profiles so staff members do not think you are a multiple account and ban you.   Also you will not be allowed to transfer a lot of things between the accounts.  Each account must support itself.  We are happy to have parents and kids and sibling and friends playing with us to make BP more fun for you and for us.  Just no multiple accounts.  Only one account per person allowed. 


My profile shows me as a "Male" and I am female.  How do I change that? 

Go to "central" on the right .. click on it and then choose "profile".  At the bottom of your profile you can change it to say "female".  The default is male until you change it to show you are female. 

How do I open a shop or gallery- and what is the MAXIMUM amount I can charge for an item in my shop?

Click on "User Shops" in the top section to open an account.  Items priced at 349,999 and OVER CANNOT be purchased from shops.  Be sure to price your items 349,998 or less if you want them to be able to be purchased..

SHOP LIMIT ... 2000 items.  Currently this is the limit of the number of items you can put in your shop.

How do I open a bank account?

On the right hand side, under your username, click on your bpoints and that will lead you to the bank to open your account.  Every day you need to go there to collect your interest on your bank account.

What are bp or bps?

Bps are Blizzard Points.  They are the monetary system on the site with which you can buy items from the main shops or user shops.

How do I add friends?

Go to right hand side below username and points to "CENTRAL" which is right next to "logout".  Click on bfriends.  Type in username of friend you wish to add.

How do I buy avatars to use?

Go to "CENTRAL" on right hand side under your username and points and click on "Avatars".  There you can purchase various avatars with the forum points you have earned by posting in the forums. 

How do I edit my profile?

Go to "CENTRAL" on right hand side under your username and points and click on "Profile" and there you can edit your profile.  There is a link there to show you the bcodes to use in editing your profile.  HMTL does not work on the site. 

How do I add or edit my signature & is there a maximum size?

Go to "CENTRAL" on right hand side under your username and points and click on "Profile" and at the bottom of the profile page you see the area to add your siggy. 

"Sig's will go under your forum post. There is a limit of 250 characters! If you have an image in your sig, there is a limit of 400 x 150 for the image size. If your image is over that limit, you will receive a warning!"  (Copied from site)

How can I change my password?

Go to "CENTRAL" on right hand side under your username and points and click on "Password".

Who do I ask if I have a question about things on BP?

There are usually people in the tagbox that are happy to help you and Char, the Admin for the site is always happy to have anyone mail her there asking any question they would like.  You can also contact me, Sissypie (also an Admin) there in the tagbox or by mail in the site.  We also have very helpful and friendly members who are willing to answer questions and help out at any time.  Please make yourselves at home and have fun.

I'm new.  How do I get to know people and find friends?

Post in the tagbox and tell us you are new and you will be welcomed.  Go to the forums .. the Introductions Forum .. and post there introducing yourself and let us welcome you.  Don't be shy.  We don't bite and everyone is friendly.  It's a nice family atmosphere with kids and parents playing in there and having fun.  You'll make friends easy and have fun playing games there and playing games posted in the member games area that members have posted for your pleasure.

How do I create a pet and how do I view the different colors the pet comes in?

Click on "Creatures" on the left hand navigation bar.  Then click on "Create one now" in the heading right under "My Creatures".  Keep refreshing the page or clicking on "continue" at the bottom to see the pets available in the various colors.   When you find the pet you would like just scroll down and click on the bubble below that pet to select it and click on "Continue" on the bottom.  Pets that are LIMITED can only be created during the short time they are available.  Get them before they are gone.

How many pets can I have?

A normal member is allowed to have a maxiumum of FOUR (4) pets.  Some pets will be LIMITED and may be limited to premium members.  GOLD members are allowed to have SIX (6) pets.  There is an adoption center where you can adopt a pet or abandon one.  You cannot abandon a pet right after you adopt one.  You can also feed the pets in the adoption center in New Blista.

Special Secret:  If you have the MAXIMUM number of pets you can have. . . and want more... buy igloos!  Each igloo allows you to create another pet.  Igloos are gold items and are only sold in the Token Shop or buy users who purchased them there and are reselling them.  Once used the igloo is lost.

How do I feed my pet?

Click on any food item in your item page and choose the "feed" feature and give to your active pet.

Will my pet die if I don't feed it?

No.  Pets never die or get sick in BP.   If you pets is really hungry then bananas give 3 feedings and if you give the pet all 3 feedings it will usually fill them up.   If you plan to battle your pet then it will have to be fed and in good condition at that time to battle but at other times it does not matter. 

How do I get a job for my pet?

Minimum required of 20 intelligence to get a job for a pet.  Check items to see how to raise intelligence.   Go to "Explore" and then "New Blista" and then "Pet Agency" and apply for a job there with your ACTIVE pet.   ONLY your active pet can have a job.   Go back there every day to collect your pay and ask for a raise.  Your pet will never be fired for asking for a raise.

How can I increase my pets intelligence and other stats?

Books increase pets intelligence when read to your pets.  Some items give pets stats (see page on all items).   Icy Quests sometimes gives pets stats.   They gym and the school in New Blista have courses for your pets that you can buy with bps or scrolls. 

How can I DONATE items or bps?  How can I get free food?

To DONATE an item, click on it and choose "donate" to donate it to the Cave of Tributes, where members can get 2 free items per day.  To donate bps just go to the cave and enter the amount there you wish to put into each moneybag.    To get FREE food or items, just select 2 items per day there.  You can donate as many items as you wish.  Bps can be donated in moneybags from 100bps to 50,000 bps per moneybag.. no limit on the number of them you can donate.  To get to the Cave, go to "explore" and then click on the snowy mountain at top left of the map and then click on the cave there and go into the cave.

How do I give someone an item or have a snowball fight with someone, or join in a snowball fight?

Have the item in your inventory and click on it.  Choose "give to a friend" and if the person is on your bfriends list you can use the first option and show their name on the drop down list and click next to it (if they are not on your bfriends list use the second option and put in their name and click next to it) and then there is a message box on the bottom where you can type a message such as "Snowball Fight!" or "Food Fight!" or "Happy Birthday" or whatever you would like ... or you don't have to type in a message.

Note:  If you are new remember you must made at least one bfriend in order to use the option to give an item to a friend.  Once you have anyone named as a friend... then you can send items to anyone on the site just by typing in their username .. but you must have one bfriend to "activate" the option.  


How can I become the Spotlight Member Of the Hour?

Be online at the top of the hour.  The system will automatically choose one member who is online and send them 1000 bps with a note telling them they have received the Membership Appreciation Award of Spotlight Member Of The Hour.  Their name is listed in the Games Section in the Spotlight game for the next 5 hours.   The name is selected from the list of members that are online and only regular members are eligible to become Spotlight Member of the Hour.

How can I "make" Vegetable Soup since it's not in shops?

You have to make it by having the right 5 vegetables in your item bag.   Here's a tip.   Click on the vegetables in your item bag and when you find one that says "use item" instead of just "feed" then you know it's one of the FIVE (5) vegetable needed to make the soup.  Find all 5 and then click on any one and choose "use item" and you will then have made vegetable soup.  

How can I get "Snowy Lollypops" since they are not sold in the shops?

You have to catch "Snowy" in the shoutbox when he posts "Oh Oh! *runs with 5 lollypops".   When you see that immediately write to "snowman" and tell him you caught him.   He can only send them at that time.  Wait for the posting and bmail him right away.   You can only get ONE per day and he only has 5 at a time to give away.  Do not write him otherwise.  The account is "snowman" but the little guy is "Snowy" and he has his own special avatar you will see.  He's a little abdominal snowman.  Read his profile.  The account is "snowman". 

Where can I find a list of all items on the site?

There is a page here in the helpsite titled "All Items" that has a list of all the items.    On the site there is also the Item Library that has recently been added and it is located in New Blista.   "Explore" "New Blista" and "Item Library" are the items you would click on in order to get there. 

What are forum points or FP? How do you get them and what are they used for?

Forum points are points that you earn from posting in the forums.  The points are awarded based on the amount in the posting, not the number of postings, and they are shown on your profile and on the High Forum Points listing on the Stats Page.   You can use Forum Points to purchase avatars you would like to use on the site by going to "central" (right under your points) and then choosing "avatars" and "buy".  Looking there you will see all that are for sale.  Click on the one you would like to buy and it will be added to your list of those you can then use.   Note:  There is a limit of 500 characters now on forum postings.

How can I post an image in the forums, like the arts and crafts forum to show my art?

To post an image in the forums you will use the

 [img]type theurl[/img], and that should let you see the image.  Remember, no spaces.  We use bbcode in the site and there is a list of the codes at

How do I "make" the rainbow firecracker and the rainbow treasure key? 

Take one each of every one of the colors and put them in your item bag and click on any one and choose "use item" and it will take all the colors and leave you with the rainbow one.

How do I "make" vegetable soup?

It takes 5 different vegetables to "make" vegetable soup.  Look for 5 fruits that have the option to "use item" in addition to the "feed to creature".  When you have them then put them in your item bag and choose "use item" and you will lose the 5 vegetables but you will get the vegetable soup.  All of the vegetables it takes are sold in the food store. 

How do I get one of the Snowy Lollypops?

Snowy lollypops can only be obtained from Snowy when he is in the snowman account and he posts in the shout box "Oh Oh!  *Runs with 5 lollypops".  That's the only time they can be given out.  Watch the shout box.  He only comes in 2 or 3 times a month so they are not easy to get and you must write while Snowy is still in the account ....but remember he only has 5 to give away each time.

When you see him in the account... bmail "snowman" and ask for one.  He gives to the first 5 to write then he has to leave.  Do NOT write to him at any other time.  Snowy cannot talk .. he doesn't respond to bmails.  Sending a note after he has left does no good.  He can't give them out except to those online who write while he is giving them out. 

Why are different colors used on people's names in the shoutbox and in the list of who is online for different people?

RED = owners.   BLUE = Admin   ORANGE = Account Manager  

Purple = Other Staff   GOLD = Gold members (those who contributed to the site).     You can view a complete list of staff at the bottom of any page.  Just click on "staff" and it will bring up the staff page.

What are referral codes and how do I find mine in order to refer members and win referral prizes?

Each person has their own referal code.  It is listed under "central" and then "referrals".   The referral prizes are also thee.  It will look something like this: 

 Your referral link is:

What are GOLD members and what are tokens?

GOLD members are those members who donated to the site and purchased 30 days of special benefits and they get a special item for that.  TOKENS are the "currency" given to members who purchase them in order to buy items in the TOKEN SHOP.  These items are not available in any of the games or in main shops.   You may purchase tokens to buy the special items you see in the token shop on the menu bar on the left.   REDEEM CODES .. are special codes given to GOLD members who purchased GOLD during beta stage. 


Why should I consider donating to the site?

It takes real money to pay for the domain and for hosting the site.  It takes real money to buy some of the technical expertise that they need on the site like some of the art at times or maybe some programming in the future for additional things they would like to add to the site for our enjoyment.   It costs money for programs they might need to do things for us and for the dedicated server we are now using.  Our owners stretch every penny as far as it goes but they are both young and not wealthy.  One is still in college full time but they both spend all their free time working hard on the site for us.     They have to pay for some art work and have to buy flash prorams at this time  and other things.  Please consider helping out.  Even $5 goes a long way to help out the site.  And, in return, you receive special rewards that are detailed on the site in the section about upgrades.  It's a good investment and it gives kids and adults a safe, fun place to play and interact and have fun.  Thank you.

At some point we will also need a faster dedicated server to handle the load and that costs money every month as well.  Please consider donating if and when you can. 

There is a link in red, on the left hand menu, "Token Shop" where you many purchase 30 days of GOLD membership or tokens to buy those special items which will never be placed in the site games or main shops on the site.

Who created BlizzardPets and when did it open?

BP is owned by  Jean Ortiz & John Bakalis.  They created it in late Spring of 2008 and put it up in beta for testing by those who wishes to play and test and make suggestions for the site.  On April 15, 2009, the site came out of beta testing and opened its doors to everyone.    We wish to thank them for the site and all the hard work.  They are the programmers for the site as well.  John is a college student and Jean is out of college and works 4 hours per day at a school.