Rules (Unwritten by still rules)

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You can find rules referred to in the forums and other places but here are some of the most important ones.

  • No posting any other gamesite name or url anywhere
  • No posting any other petsite name or url anywhere
  • No spamming (post full thoughts not just lol or symbols)
  • No flaming (picking on each other)
  • Do NOT stretch out forums with graphics. Resize them.
  • No advertising in the shoutbox or any forum but ad forum
  • No asking for items in the shoutbox
  • No posting of any urls or links in shoutbox
  • No bbcode or graphics in User Ads - Text Only
  • No posting comments in ads forum. They are ads.
  • No posting answers to trivia and other games allowed.
  • No foreign language in shoutbox.  English only.. other than traditional greetings.  
  • No foreign language in any forum other than in the Spanish forum.  Traditional greetings allowed.
  • No profanity or anything that would compromise the fact that we have some children playing on this site and our first concern is that it be safe and clean for them.


No posting of gamesite or petsite urls or names anywhere - means just that.  Not on your profile or in your siggy and not in forums and not in shoutbox.  This is common courtesy.


No Multiple Accounts allowed.  ONE account per member.  Other family members are welcome to play as well but be sure to inform Char or Sissypie, our Admins, the members that will be sharing the same ip address by username AND be sure to post on the profile of each the names of the others.   We want everyone to be able to play but we have to know that it is not one person with multiple accounts.  Items moving between these members will be monitored.


Use "Contact Us" page to send message to site if email verification of a new account has not been received and be sure to include email contact account so that we may assist you.


It is NOT permitted to use or abuse or exploit any "bug" or "glitch" found in the system.  This game is too easy to play to resort to dishonest methods to obtain items and points and to do so is to invite freezing of your account.  Please report any "bugs" or "glitches" found to one of the Admins or Owners online at the time or fill out a Support Ticket (found at bottom of page) detailing the problem discovered. 



Thank you.  It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to keep a petsite safe and friendly and honest and fun.  Let's all pitch in to make this the most fun possible and to help each other out as much as we can when we are here.

"Through these doors walk the friendliest people in the world - our members - and we are very proud of each and everyone of them."