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Here are some tips and tricks and information for playing at Please let me know of anything you'd like to see added or updated by bmail on the site. I am sissypie. :)

If you need help while in BlizzardPets, please do not hesitate to bmail me (sissypie) or Char, the admin for any help or information that you need.   We are both eager and willing to help you out at any time.   Remember to invite your friends to join you here.

UPDATE:  BP came out of beta testing on APRIL 15th!!

If you find anything on this helpsite that is out of date or something that needs to be added to help others, please contact me - Sissypie - on the site.    This helpsite was created in the beginning of BP when we were in beta testing to try to help new members as they joined the site since there was no help forum as such or help center in Bp yet.  

If you found this site and you are not yet a member of BlizzardPets.... please use this link to join:

Items on site -

All items on site - check Sissypie's gallery for all or almost all  items..   Site now has an Item Library that lists all items by category... in New Blista - and a list of all items on site in the order in which they were released .

How to obtain items -

  • Buy in main shops that restock randomly..but within 30 minutes
  • Buy in user shops - use search bar to find items
  • Buy/trade in trades - check out trades for items you need
  • Win in quest games
  • Bid in Unknown Auctions - you never know what you might win there but take a chance on it
  • Receive in random events on the site

Shoutbox -

There is a shout box on the site.  No one is allowed to ask for items in the shout box.  No begging.  No asking for items.  No cursing or putting anyone down.   The shoutbox is there for members to have fun and share information.  Trivia and game answers may not be given out in the shoutbox or in the forums or in bmail.   Staff and members are glad to help with answers to questions in the shoutbox.     No other petsites or sites may be mentioned in the shoutbox or the forums.  This is a rule that all other petsites have and it's a matter of common courtesy.  



Family members are encourage to play along on the site and each family member old enough to play is allowed to have their own account.  IF more than one person will be using the same ip address, they are REQUIRED to write to Char and advise her of the family relationship and names AND to also post on each of their profiles the names and relationships.    Those who do not run the risk of their accounts being frozen for being a multi.  Also be aware that you need a separate email address for each account because of the way the system works.. it allows one username and one password per email address.   

NEVER .. NEVER ... NEVER .. give your password to anyone.   BP Staff members are not allowed to ask for it.  NEVER give it out. 

Check the additional pages for more information

Daily Duties -

  • Magic Genie - Try to get the genie for 10k and a trophy.
  • Bank Interest - Open a bank acct & collect interest daily
  • Soccer Game - Kick the ball for bps
  • Heads Or Tails - Free to play.  Play for bps.
  • Scramble - Free to play.  Tip: Open a gallery that is complete in another window to be able to view all items
  • Collect PET Salary every day in Downtown
  • Click on Frequent Player Checkmark daily for monthly item.
  • Vote at TWG for 2000 points each day and big weekly bonus at end of the week.
  • Spin The Wheel on Jonje Island to play.. win 500 to 2000 bpoints or a stuffy.
  • How High Will It Fly? in Games Room.  Free to play.  Earn points 



SPANISH - Miguel has translated some of this into Spanish.

Remember to VOTE every day at  site listed on the right hand side of the page in BlizzardPets.   Have fun.   Play member games.   Chat in the tagbox. 

SPOTLIGHT Member Of The Hour - One member is selected each hour and sent a Member Appreciation Award of 1000 bps and their name is listed in the Spotlight Member for the next 5 hours.  It's a way of showing appreciation to our members.   The system randomly selects a member (no staff) from the list of who is online each hour at the top of the hour.   The person chose gets the 1000 bps and the note and their name listed for the next 5 hours in the game.

Can you catch "Snowy"? and win a lollypop?   Watch the shoutbox for "snowman" account posting by "Snowy".  When he posts "Oh Oh! *runs with 5 lollypops*... bmail snowman right away and you may get one of the 5 lollypops.   You MUST wait till he posts in the shoutbox and he must be online when your mail comes.  He only has 5.   LIMIT 1 item per day from Snowy.

DONATE if you can.  Gold Memberships are cheap and they help pay for the domain and the web hosting of the site and purchasing certain programs and art and things they need to keep the site up to date and fresh and challenging for all of us.  Remember the owners are young and one is still in college.  They can use all the help they can get.  Thank you.