Dinero Coins

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Blue Dinero Coin - gives 250 bp
Green Dinero Coin - gives 1250 bp

Yellow Dinero Coin - Random item

Silver Dinero Coin - gives +1 intelligence

Gold Dinero Coin - gives speed stats

Ruby Dinero coin - gives strength stats

Ice Dinero Coin - gives +5 strength, +2 defense and +2 speed stats

Platnium Dinero Coin - +2 defense

Evil Dinero Coin - only available in Evil Stuffed Fox Quest - gives +20 str, +20 def, +5 speed, +5 intel AND 66,666 bps  (Thanks Miguel for info on evil dinero coin)

Rainbow Dinero  - Given for referrals only... Gives +10 in ALL stats.  (Thanks Miguel for info on the Rainbow Dinero.)

White Wolf Dinero Coin - Only give in White Wolf Quest - Gives 25,000 bps, +15 defense, +10 speed (Thanks Miguel for info on the White Wolf coin)

Treasure Dinero Coin ..you need 5 of these to hunt for treasure when news announces that a ship has arrived

5k Dinero Coin .... Buy in coin shop and cash.  Good to give to friends to help them out or as prizes in tribes.

10K Dinero Coin... Same as the 5k one except it is 10k or 10,000 bpoints.

Stuffy Dinero Coin .. Gives random stuffy.


Golden Shamrock Coin.. for sale in Luxury shop.  Gives 100,000 bpoints when used.  Good way to give friends points or to use for prizes in tribes.