Stocks & Monkey Mkt

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Stock Market - (click on left sidebar on "stocks")

Note:  These highs and lows are just what I've seen and heard from others.  It is possible later it could be higher or lower but this information is provided as a guideline for you to begin to follow and track the stock market for yourself with your investments.  You can buy 1,000 shares per day.

Foods Ltd214 
Tonrar Cave Tributes513 
Sports Int'l1535 
Gambling Intl3550 
Stuffies R Us2027 
Weapons Emporium1545 
Tonrar Expeditions10




The idea is to buy low and sell high.  Buy Gambling at 35 and sell at or near 50.  You may find that stocks jump that much in one day or you may have to hold it for several days to find that much change.  Stock prices change every 15 minutes so check it often. 

Monkey Market (in games) -

The monkey sets a new price each day to purchase up to 20 of your bananas.  You get bananas by random events and you can also purchase them at the food market for 125 bps each.   The idea here too is to buy at 125 in shop or just use those you get in random events and wait till you see price high enough that you want to buy.   You only need to check this price once per day.



Monkey Low

Monkey High

Note:  This is strictly from my personal observations of watching the monkey market the short while it's been up.   If you buy in the Food store for 125 you can still make points selling when over 400.

If anyone notices higher highs or lower lows to the stock market and the monkey market and reports it to me, I will try to verify it and then adjust the figures in here.  Remember not to gamble points you don't have to gamble and buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices.  Stocks you may have to hold for several days to make a profit on ... or you could make it in one day.   Good luck. 

By: Sissypie