Gamblers Paradise - New Blista

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Get to the downtown area (New Blista) by clicking on "Explore" and choosing the downtown area at the top of the map. It is located about where "2" would be on a clock. 


Bring your pet to the job agency to get a job.  Remember to return there daily to collect your pay.  You do have the option to ask for a raise every day and sometimes they are granted one.  Your pet is safe.  They will not be fired for asking for a raise.  Only your ACTIVE pet can have a job at this time.

Pets intelligence MUST be 20 or over to get a job.


 Pawn Shop -

You can pawn items in your item bag at 30% of the original cost. 

Click on the Pawn Shop once you are in downtown and it will show you the items in your item bag and tell you what it will give you for each of them.  LIMIT of 5 items per day can be pawned.

School -

Cost is 2,000 bps and takes 2 hours to train your pet.  It will increase intelligence a random amount between 1 and 4 intelligence points.

Note:  It may be cheaper to just read books to your pets if you can get the cheap books.  Just a note for you to think about.

 Training Gym -


It requires the proper scroll to train your pet in the desired category.

Scrolls available on the site are:

Scroll of Power

Scroll of Speed

Scroll of Level

Scroll of Magic

Scroll of Life

Scroll of Defense

Winter Park -

This is the area to go fishing.  Cost is 3000 bps and it can be done once per day.  You can catch anything from nothing to a piece of fruit up to the fish or a dragon rod or lycos rod.  You can play once per day.

Item Library -

All items on the site are listed here by category.

Evil Stuffed Fox Quest -

This is a LEVELED quest.  You are allowed to play 5 levels per day.  This game can get quite pricey.  Not the game for new members with limited resources.    Levels currently go up to 30 but more are being added.   If you miss out on one and do not return within 10 minutes with the item it sets you back to Level 1 and you have to start all over again.     There is a forum thread on the site about this game in the All Talk forum.   

Adoption Center - Adopt, Abandon or Feed A Pet there

You can adopt any animal there or you can abandon one of your pets there but you will be charged to do so to help offset the costs of handling it.. in bpoints.   You can also feed a pet in the adoption center.   You cannot adopt a pet and abandon it the same day.




Feeling lucky?  You might want to try your hand at the games of chance there; but be sure you don't lose too much. 


Double Up



BP Slots