Isle of Tonrar and Isle of Yakuhtat

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Isle Of Tonrar -  Icy Mountain on top left of Explore Map

Explore Isle of Tonrar

Cave of Tributes
Old Wise Man

Cave Of Tributes --- 

 TAKE .... 2 per day.  Items or bps money bag or combination.


 You can donate as many items as you could like by clicking on the item and choosing "donate" and then it will go to the cave.  


DONATE ... BPS ....

 You can make moneybag contributions to the cave by going to the cave and filling in the amount at the bottom that you want in a moneybag from 100 bps to 50,000 bps.   You just have to do them one at a time using the points you have on hand.   

The purpose of the Cave Of Tributes is so that you can share goodies and points with newer members and other members as well.  Everyone is limited to receiving a total of 2 items per day.   It's also a good way all members to get items needed for their galleries and for quests.  It's sharing and caring. :)  


More to come on the Isle Of Tonrar.  Be very careful there.  Read on the site about the ancient legends about that place and things that have happened.  


Test Of Knowledge - Old Wise Man

There will be a call in the news to come for the new Test at specific times.   It is your job to answer all five questions and then you will collect 5000 bpoints and a prize that will usually be unique for that game. 

If you miss one, go back in 5 hours and try the test again.  You have to start it all over but it's only 5 questions.   Whatever you do, do NOT give up at the end of any of the questions and take the points being offered.  If you do that you will NOT be able to try it again and you will NOT be able to get that special prize at the end.


White Wolf Quest - In Isle of Tonrar

A new LEVELED quest has been added to the isle of Tonrar.  You may only do 3 levels per day.  At higher levels this quest, like the stuffed evil fox quest, will ask for very expensive items so please don't attempt it until you have proper resources.  It is timed and if you don't get the item requested back in time you will be set back to level 1 to start all over again.  

The prizes in the end for this quest are the White Wolf Pull toy, the book "Tales of the White Wolf" and the White Wolf Dinero Coin but we don't know what order they will be given in yet. 

Good luck but be sure you are prepared for the expense in the various levels.  Works just like the Stuffed Devil Fox Quest and a great addition to the site for the celebration of Canada Day and the 4th of July celebration.

Special Events Game - added to Tonrar

For the double holiday of Canada Day and the 4th of July, a special game has been added to Tonrar.  It is a scramble game and is NOT TIMED so you have all the time you need to solve it.  It will always be a game to unscramble words associated with the special event or holiday being celebrated and will always have a special prize you can get no where else.   Tip:  Open another window and search the top for the topic so you can research as you see each word come up.   This game will only be up for a day or two when it comes up each time.   If you miss one of the words you can retry every 3 hours till you get it right.  


White Wolf Quest -

This is a LEVELED quest.  You are allowed to play 3 levels per day.  This game can get quite pricey.  Not the game for new members with limited resources.    Levels currently go up to 25 but more are being added.   If you miss out on one and do not return within 10 minutes with the item it sets you back to Level 1 and you have to start all over again.     There is a forum thread on the site about this game in the All Talk forum. 

Isle of Yakuhtat -  (Volcano area at bottom of Explore map)

Ascent of Kadlu Mountain Quest    -

This is a quest.  3 Levels.  10 quests per level.  Total of 30 per day.  When you complete 300 quests you win the Mountain Climber trophy.

Ready, Aim... Fire! -

Dart game.  Good points maker.